I recently ran out of my medicine Pristiq last Friday. What I didn’t realize was that I ran out of refills. The pharmacy had to contact my doctor before they could fill it.  And on top of that she was closed on Fridays. The pharmacy finally filled it today, but the last few days I have been sick to my stomach because I’ve been going through withdrawals. I swear I just wanted to die. I have been throwing up and feeling so nauseated. I left work early yesterday because I just couldn’t make the feeling go away. It was actually kind of funny because when I was getting ready to leave one of the doctors said I hid it really well.  Didn’t really know what to say when she said that. Stayed home today and slept until noon. Picked up my medicine after I got dressed and took one.  I’m still not 110% but I am feeling a little better. Hopefully I never go through this ever again. It’s not a good feeling at all.  The hubby hates it when I’m not feeling good. He says I’m the worse patient in the world. He’s probably right. When my doctor decides to take me off this medication, she’s going to have to do it slowly.  The side effects is absolutely brutal.


God Complex

Today was such a crazy day! I had to work with my least favorite doctor.  He’s amazing with his patients but awful with his employees,  specially the new ones. He loves to intimidate and patronize me. I wasn’t suppose to work with him today but he’s regular MA was sick. He always makes me feel like I’m an idiot. Just a couple of weeks ago he yelled at me for something he thought I did wrong. He yelled so loud, everyone heard him. And come to find out it wasn’t even my fault. Did he apologize? Hell NO!!! He thinks he’s too good for that.  He’s got that god complex. I also found out it’s not the first time he’s yelled at an employee. I understand that it’s his practice but I don’t think he should be treating his employees like shit. I truly believe you have to treat people the way you would want to be treated because if you don’t it does come back to haunt you.  Actually just today one of his patient’s husband made him feel like shit during a procedure. I wasn’t in there when it happened but it didn’t sound good. I couldn’t help but think that KARMA is sure a bitch!! I’m so thankful I don’t have to work with him all the time. The other three doctors that I normally work with are pretty amazing. They’ve been so patient with me while I’ve been learning. They’ve also taught me so much. I’ll be working with them the rest of the week. I love my job.

Virginia Siggy

My house is freakin cold…


The hubster and I forgot to tell our landlord that our heater is not working. It’s so cold in my house. I looked at the thermometer and its 62 degrees in my house!!! OMG!! I bust out the heating throw blanket for the hubster and I. Thank goodness we got some from Costco last year. It’s been a godsend. Our little puglet wants his daddy to play with him so bad but it’s too darn cold to get out of the heating blanket. Poor puglet!!

Virginia Siggy

Merry Christmas!!!

Dad with his grandkids

Dad with his grandkids


Dad, Ashley and Me


Buddy with his Christmas tie

We had a great Christmas in San Diego. We all ate too much as usual. The weather was a bit strange tho. It rained for about a half an hour then the sun came out. I guess we were all being blessed. I loved seeing my babies. I’m so proud of all three of them. They’ve accomplished so much this year. Looking forward to seeing what they’re going to do this coming year.

You’re One With All Life

“You’re one with all of Life. The more you love yourself and trust Life, the more that Life will love you, support you, and guide you.

We need to trust that we’re being taken care of, even though we’re not physically in control of everything that’s happening around us. We’re at the center of everything that happens in our lives. Every experience, every relationship, is the mirror of a mental pattern that we have inside us.

At any moment you have the opportunity of choosing love or fear. In moments of fear, I remember the sun. It’s always shining even though clouds may obscure it for a while. Like the sun, the One Infinite Power is eternally shining its light upon me, even though clouds of negative thinking may temporarily obscure it. I choose to remember the Light. And you can, too. Feel secure in the Light. When the fears come, choose to see them as passing clouds in the sky, and let them go on their way.

Affirm: I am not my fears. It is safe for me to live without guarding and defending myself all the time. When I feel afraid, I open my heart and let the love dissolve the fear.

Love is the opposite of fear. The more we’re willing to love and trust who we are, the more we attract those qualities to ourselves. When we’re on a streak of really being frightened or upset or worried or not liking ourselves, isn’t it amazing how everything goes wrong in our lives? It’s the same when we really love ourselves. Everything starts to go on a winning streak, and we get the green lights and the parking spaces. We get up in the morning and the day flows beautifully.

We need to love ourselves so that we can take care of ourselves. We have to do everything we can to strengthen our hearts, our bodies, and our minds. We must turn to the Power within, find a good spiritual connection, and really work on maintaining it.”

~Louise L. Hay


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Urology it is…

My last day of externship was October 20th and the clinic decided to hire me on the same day. I was very happy.  I’ve been on my second week working at the urology office as an employee.  Everyone’s been real nice and helpful as always. I’m not as fast yet but I hope to be soon. It’s been a bit frustrating at times for me because the doctors and medical assistants all have their own way of doing things.  It’s hard which one to follow. I hope to have my own thing going soon.  Anyways, I give myself two months to get everything down..

Virginia Siggy